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Meaningful Work

It’s been a crazy busy week for me.  I guess that means I’m doing something right in regards to growing my business.  I’m loving this job very much and I’m even getting used to Saturday being a workday.

When I left my job at the American Cancer Society, I was so worried that I would never be able to find another job that would “fill my bucket”.  I have always had a need to help others.  I admit that Real Estate seemed more like a sales job to me, I knew it would be fun but I just wasn’t sure that I would get the same satisfaction that I did working with cancer patients and their families.  Well, these past two weeks have shown me that this is also meaningful work!  I am working diligently to help a single mom with 4 children find the perfect home…in a hurry because they need to be out of their current home next month.  I am helping a couple with a disabled adult child sell the home that does not work for their daughter and find one that will.  I’m also helping a dear friend who has experienced more heartache than I could ever imagine sell a house that means a lot to her and her family.  It feels good to provide service to others!

On a funnier note: someone recently told me that I’m too nice to be a Realtor.  Maybe I look at the world through rose-colored glasses but I didn’t realize that some real estate agents aren’t nice!  I would think that being personable and honest would be definite qualities that one should have when working in this business.  I sure hope I can deliver absolute integrity and kindness to my clients…always!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Hug your loved ones tight and enjoy being together!


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